What A Body Remembers - Rare Bird Books (2019)

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The Secret Games of Words 1GlimpsePress (2015)

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Before Hitting Send (Dearborn 2011)

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Articles & Essays

"The Pussy Grab Chronicles" Ms. Magazine (2018)





"What If Weinstein Walks?" Ms. Magazine (2019)

"What To Read When You Want To See The Beauty Inside The Ugly"  The Rumpus (2019)

"Enough: Rescue Me"  The Rumpus (2018)

"An Unexpected Path to Justice" - The American Bar Association Journal

"Trauma: What Happens When We Put It On The Page" - Writer's Digest

"Watching, Waiting, Holding On" Psychology Today (2018)

"Your Words Matter" Psychology Today (2018)

"The Body Remembers" Psychology Today (2018)

"Fragile" Literary Orphans (2016)

“9 Tips for Creative Writers” California Lawyer (2011)



“Swoon,” Lost in Thought (2014)

“Different But The Same,” The South Carolina Review (Spring 2010)

“Five,” The Tampa Review (2012)

“Undone,” Epiphany (2015)

“The Rule Against Perpetuities,” Ellipsis (2009)

“How to Read Your Father’s Obituary,” The Santa Fe Literary Review (2011)

“Contradiction,” Green Mountains Review (2013)